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Sundown Gin - animated Instagram Ad

Self initiated Mock-up* Project based on the Sundown Gin by Berlin Distillery. The goal of the exercise was to create a short, modern animation, based on the label design of the Sundown Gin bottle. The animation was created in the 1:1 format, frequently seen on Instagram feeds.

Shortened version of the animation within instagram feed.

Ideally this would have been planned and animated around a very catchy jingle, but as a challenge, I wanted to create an animation without audio. In order to keep the pacing right I carefully story-boarded the animation in Adobe Illustrator.

The visual elements that make up the animation are either taken directly from the label or based on the visual style and of course, the Berlin city skyline.

* This project is based on the visual identity of Berlin Distillery but is no way connected with the company.

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